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When Others Become Aware Your Incontinent

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When Others Become Aware Your Incontinent

Postby gened » Thu Dec 20, 2012 3:55 am

When My Aunt Carol was over to my apt a number of years ago, She had seen a few pairs of my plastic pants drying on the shower rack. She asked me if I had to wear them? I said "Yes" I wore them over cloth diapers because of my bladder surgery. Now she asks me every time I see her if I still wear diapers. I hate that she discovered my problem, but what can I do now? Has anyone else had similar problems. When my sister found out about my incontinence she didnt freak out, she understood I would be wearing diapers for managing this problem. I guess people react to incontinence differently. When I went to work here at the resthome two years ago I was upfront with my employer about having to wear adult diapers to work. She understood and hired me on the spot. She had no problem with it because over half of our residents here are incontinent !
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Re: When Others Become Aware Your Incontinent

Postby Alyssa » Fri Dec 28, 2012 6:12 pm

That's a shame that your Aunt Carol continues to ask you if your still Incontinent. I just really think some people lack sensitivity and overall thoughtfullness about Incontinence and most Medical Issues. I encountered a whole slew of Medical Issues due to my 2 difficult pregnancies and I couldn't believe the questions that both strangers and family asked me. I often had a peripheral line for I.V.'s taped to my arm and a spit cup, long story. I suffered from Incontinence during the pregnancies and now I have stress incontinence and some other underlying medical issues. I am often on some weird diet to help me stay healthy. When I refrain from alcohol, sugar or don't drink caffeine everyone wants to know why. I just don't get some people, why they feel inclined to ask and ask again and again. I have been on diets off and on for 10 years and people still ask, why? At the end of they day I just have to give people the benefit of the doubt that they are asking out of love.

I think that's great that you are working at a resthome. I am sure you have much more compassion than your coworkers for those that have Incontinence. They are really lucky to have you!

I hope next year maybe your Aunt Carol will refrain from asking. :D
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Re: When Others Become Aware Your Incontinent

Postby westy012000 » Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:25 am

My wife became aware of my incontinence when she came home one day and found me cleaning up after soiling my underwear. She insisted on my seeing a doctor and getting referred to a continence clinic to see k assistance.
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